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Conference Rooms

In Vega Izmailovo Hotel, you can quickly select a conference room for the event planned: a major conference, exhibition or seminar.
Number of guests
Contrasting Constructor Hall with natural lighting is designed in loft style: factory high ceilings, comfortable and functional chairs with folding tables, armchairs, strict columns and bright adjustable lighting.
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Overhead centralized sound reinforcement system distributes sound evenly throughout the room space. The right choice if you want to hold a chamber event with a large number of listeners. A spacious no-walk-through lobby in front of the hall allowing to organize any stage of your event separately: registration of participants, coffee break or a mini-exhibition
Rates - from RUB 47000 / 4 hours
Area: 325 м2, Capacity: 340 guests
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Progress Hall designed in red and grey shades. Adjustable Roman blinds on the large picture windows allow for changing the intensity of the ambient light in the room.
Rates - from RUB 22000 / 4 hours
Area: 139 м2, Capacity: 100 guests
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Kustodiev Hall
Spacious and bright Kustodiev Hall is notable for isolated location and possibility of individual planning. It is located on the hotel first floor, near the main entrance. This hall with large panoramic windows and a separate lavatory is made in brown shades.
Rates - from RUB 10900 / 4 hours
Area: 61 м2, Capacity: 45 guests
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Technology Hall is decorated in blue and grey tones. Adjustable Roman blinds on the large picture windows allow for changing the intensity of the ambient light in the hall.
Rates - from RUB 19500 / 4 hours
Area: 127 м2, Capacity: 80 guests
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Surikov and Vasnetsov Hall is designed in the form of an amphitheatre and is fitted with comfortable armchairs. High stage, large panoramic windows, possibility to divide the hall into two separate rooms using a relocatable partition are ideal for large presentations, conferences and video feeds.
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The conference room is fitted with loudspeaker system for audio playback in theatre mode, the hall can be used as a cinema. Presence of doors connecting the hall with two boardrooms are essential for private meetings during major events.
Rates - from RUB 42000 / 4 hours
Area: 435 м2, Capacity: 470 guests
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Spacious Kandinsky Hall is distinct in modern design and an expressive colour scheme.
Rates - from RUB 21000 / 4 hours
Area: 161 м2, Capacity: 120 guests
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"Fancy and Inspiration" pillar hall with simple clean interior and large panoramic windows, is painted in marine colours. Dismountable chairs allow arrange the seating chart in the required way
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Availability of a stage and professional lighting equipment makes the broom convenient for business and leisure events. The hall is equipped with a relocatable partition, which can be used to divide the premise into three separate areas. There is a large common lobby outside each hall entrance.
Rates - from RUB 37900 / 4 hours
Area: 586 м2, Capacity: 470 guests
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Boardrooms of our hotel rooms are quite popular. In addition to their independent use, there is another additional opportunity - the location of the boardrooms allows for creation of a single business space with spacious halls for large-scale presentations and negotiations. The boardrooms are made in business style and fitted with modern furniture.
Rates - from RUB 1800 / 1 hour
Area: 30 м2, Capacity: 15 guests
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What is included in the hall rent

  • Wireless Internet
  • Display
  • Flip chart
  • Wi-Fi
  • Chalk board

Additional Charged Services

  • LCD projection device
  • Sound reinforcement system and microphones
  • Simultaneous interpretation system
  • Laptop
  • High-speed Internet
  • Office stationery
  • Clicker and laser pointer
  • Audio and video recording of events
  • Wired Internet

Rent terms

  • Minimum lease period for conference halls: “Fantasy (small hall)”, “Polenov”, “Technology”, “Progress”, “Inspiration”, “Fantasy”, “Surikov”, “Vasnetsov “, “Constructor” and “Kadinsky” – half-day (4 hours), the hourly cost for these halls can be applied provided that the lease does not exceed 2 hours.
  • Half day – lease period does not exceed 4 hours per day, day - lease period does not exceed 9 hours per day
  • The hall lease price before 9:00 and after 21:00 is increased by 50%.
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